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Do You Suffer From A “Dysfunctional Kitchen”?

Find Out How To Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams… On Time, And On Budget

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream KitchenIt’s been said that the easiest way to increase the value of your home is to improve your kitchen.  Not only is your investment returned but you’ll absolutely love your new space.

If your home has an outdated kitchen then you’ll want to pay close attention.

Most people buy a home with the kitchen designed for somebody else.  With the taste and design elements that somebody else wanted or settled for.

You may have bought it that way but you really wanted updated cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures.  You want your home to be the show place that you’ve always dreamed of, NOT somebody else’s outdated and dysfunctional space.

Now You Can Update and Upgrade Your Show Place To Your Own Dream Look

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream KitchenNow you can have the kitchen that you’ve always wanted – designed specifically for you, with your taste and the functionality that you want.

Imagine walking into your new kitchen with a complete overhaul.  The cabinets just as you imagined… the perfect counter-top… beautiful floors… and the finishing fixtures that will complete the entire picture.

When you have your new kitchen renovated by our team in Mississauga you get…

  • An award winning design team
  • Years of renovation experience
  • Quality products that will last a lifetime
  • Professional installation
  • A project coordinator who will over see your entire project start to finish

No hassles, no headaches, and no nightmares.

See everything that is available to you… Our display area in our luxurious showroom will blow you away.  Call or visit us now and get the kitchen of your dreams!

Discover The Kitchen of Your Dreams

The Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Advantage:

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream Kitchen

When you have the kitchen renovation experts in Mississauga on your team…

  • You get the best kitchen design experts to help you – because our designers have won many National and International awards, and they are ready to help you design your new beautiful, functional kitchen.
  • You get to know what you are buying – Because, our over 3,500 square foot showroom has fully decorated kitchen displays waiting for you to see and touch.
  • You get quality Products that will last a lifetime – Because, we only use manufacturers who backup their products with excellent warranties.
  • You get Professional worry free Installation – Because, we use only professional tradesmen who have years of experience.
  • You get a project that runs smoothly and on time – Because, we arrange deliveries for your new kitchen, schedule the work, and make sure that every detail is taken care of!
  • You get piece of mind – Because, our 30 year history of happy customers will testify to your satisfaction and we want to help you create your own happy story.

Get the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted, the cabinets of your choice, the countertops that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors… and look like a model home.  The new kitchen that lies within your current kitchen – that you just can’t see yet.

Call or visit us now to get started on your new Kitchen Renovation in Mississauga or in your local area.

Kitchen Renovation Experts in Mississauga Help You Get the Best Out of Your Renovation Project!

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream KitchenIf you are looking to renovate your kitchen you can count on the experts at Kitchen Renovation Mississauga to create and design all aspects of your project, including kitchen cabinets. Mississauga and the surrounding area are served by our expert designers and skilled craftsmen that take pride in their work and will provide you with excellent service. We have several design options available to you including green materials and processes. When you are planning to renovate our kitchen you have several points to consider. Budget, materials and the overall plan are just the basics. That is why it is best to consult with the experts at Kitchen Renovation Mississauga who will help you to save money and get the kitchen of your dreams.

Here are Some of the Projects We Can Assist You With…

Full Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream KitchenA full renovation normally involves removing the cabinets, floors and appliances, and replacing them with new ones. This is the most expensive process in kitchen renovation, but the results can be stunning. Brand new cabinets, countertops, appliances, floors and lighting return their investment value if you ever want to put your house on the market. Most homeowners can expect at least a 70 percent return on their investment with a full renovation. A brand new kitchen can cost anywhere from $10,000 to over $100,000 so it is wise to use a professional from Kitchen Renovation Mississauga to design it and do the work.

Major Renovation Projects

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Major RenovationA major kitchen renovation can involve many aspects of remodeling. You may choose to leave the existing cabinets or replace them with kitchen cabinets that the Kitchen Renovation Mississauga experts choose for you. New flooring is usually included in a major renovation project as well as new appliances. While a major renovation may be extensive it is not as drastic as a full renovation which removes all of the components of your kitchen and starts over. What you remove and replace will depend upon your budget and design needs.

One example is kitchen cabinets. Our renovation experts can help you to decide if you want to replace your existing cabinets, replace the doors and hardware and keep the bones of your cabinets in place, or refinish your cabinets. When it comes to kitchen cabinets we take into account your budget and tastes and come up with the best options for you.

Minor Renovation Projects

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream KitchenYou can renovate your kitchen without major costs by updating a few of the areas that you feel have become tired and worn. You may only want a new floor, a new island, new appliances and lighting or you may want new or refurbished kitchen cabinets. Our design experts will take your needs and tastes into account to give you options so that you can stay on budget and get a new feel for your kitchen. Minor renovations projects still need planning and design, so it is best for these types of projects to consult with your design team at Kitchen Renovation Mississauga.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream KitchenWhen you are considering your choices for kitchen cabinets in your home, you have several choices. Reclaimed wood makes an inexpensive and eco-friendly choice. Reclaimed wood comes from old buildings or mills that are headed for salvage. Companies buy the reclaimed wood and craft lovely kitchen cabinets. Home owners can also choose to refinish their kitchen cabinets. A new coat of paint or stain, and new hardware can do wonders for your kitchen. Let our experts help you to decide which option is best for your budget and kitchen design.

Flooring Choices

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Dream Kitchen FlooringFlooring is a big decision for homeowners. You have many choices that include hardwood, bamboo, reclaimed wood, ceramic tile, colored concrete, granite, marble and many other materials. How do you know which one is best for your family’s needs? Our expert designers are familiar with the different materials available today and can help you to pick one that will be durable and easy to care for yet give you the look you want. We will ensure that your flooring is installed correctly and meets your needs.

Choosing Appliances

Kitchen Renovation MississaugaSeveral new designs and technologies have become available in appliances in the past few years. You have your choice of stainless steel, a variety of colors and finishes and you can even choose models straight from a professional kitchen if you love to cook. One of the biggest decisions is whether to go with natural or propane gas or electric appliances. Each one has its pros and cons and we can help you to decide which choice is best for your cooking style and design.

You may want to have an island in your kitchen with a cook top or range. This means you may need a range hood to draw out the cooking odors and smoke from indoor grilling. We can develop a combination that will look great and functions the best for your space. You have your choice of an overhead range hood or one that rises from the back of your range or cook top if you do not have the head room for an overhead design.

The Experts at Help You Coordinate Your Project

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Major RenovationOnce you make your material choices and have your basic kitchen design in place, you still have to be sure that your flooring, appliances and kitchen cabinets are coordinated. Do you want a bright and vibrant kitchen, or is a sleek and modern kitchen with stainless steel and glass tiles more of your liking? Is your style Country, Old World, French Provincial or Eclectic? All of this will be taken into consideration when you consult with our design experts. Our design experts have access to all of the material choices you need to make and our skilled craftsmen take care when working on your kitchen renovation. At Kitchen Renovations Mississauga you can be assured that your kitchen project will be done on time and on budget. From the flooring, appliances and kitchen cabinets, homeowners in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington and surrounding areas can count on us!

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